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Company Overview

KeyCDN is a European-based content delivery network provider that was founded in 2012. This CDN provider is currently one of the lowest-priced solutions when compared to other well-known premium service providers. They are heavily focused on web performance not only in the CDN world but also in other areas such as image optimization and WordPress page caching (see their list of WP plugins).

A few of KeyCDN’s most notable customers include:

  • MeteorJS
  • Ahrefs
  • Uploadcare
  • Sony Vaio

This KeyCDN review will outline a few important key factors about KeyCDN including a list of their current network of PoPs, the features they provide, as well as their pricing details.


KeyCDN currently operates 25 PoPs located across the globe. They have a strong presence in both the Americas and Europe with 11 and 10 PoPs respectively. However, they also have other PoPs located in Asia along with a few others planned, providing a comprehensive worldwide coverage. Below is a view of both their server presence on a world map as well as a full list of where each server is located.

keycdn network

Americas Europe Asia and Oceania
Atlanta Amsterdam Hong Kong
Chicago Frankfurt Sydney
Dallas Istanbul Singapore
Miami London Tokyo
Montreal Milano Taiwan
Los Angeles Moscow
San Jose Paris
São Paulo Stockholm
Seattle Valencia
Washington D.C. Zurich


As for features, KeyCDN provides a wide range of options for their customers. They were one of the first CDNs to provide HTTP/2 support and are able to quickly roll out new features whenever needed. The following table contains a list of some of the most popular CDN features that customers require. This gives you a broad overview of what KeyCDN supports.

Feature Supported?
Origin Pull Yes
Origin Push Yes
Instant Purge Yes
Real-time Statistics Yes
Byte-range Requests Yes
Gzip Yes
HTTP/2 Yes
Shared SSL Yes
Custom SSL Yes
DDoS Protection Yes
Origin Shield Yes
Secure Token Yes
Let’s Encrypt SSL Yes
Free Support Yes 24/7 via email
Additional Zones Yes (First 5 are free, extras cost of $1/zone/month)
Raw Logs Yes (Extra cost)
Custom Rules Yes (Minimum 10TB/month)

KeyCDN Pricing

KeyCDN has no monthly commitment, they offer a Pay as You Go pricing model which allows you to only pay for what you use. They work on a credit-based system where 1 credit = 1 USD. It should be noted that the minimum payment amount of $49 however, the credits don’t expire until after 1 year. This means that for one year you can use those credits towards paying for your CDN bandwidth or features that cost extra such as additional zones (once the first 5 have been used).

As for their traffic pricing, it is quite straightforward. Bandwidth costs start at $0.04/GB. As your volume increases, the price per GB decreases in all regions

Traffic / Month Europe & North America Asia Australia & South America
First 10TB $0.04 / GB $0.12 / GB $0.16 / GB
Next 40TB $0.036 / GB $0.116 / GB $0.156 / GB
Next 100TB $0.032 / GB $0.112 / GB $0.152 / GB
Next 350TB $0.028 / GB $0.108 / GB $0.148 / GB
Next 500TB $0.02 / GB $0.09 / GB $0.13 / GB
Over 1PB Contact KeyCDN

Therefore, if you were using 50TB of traffic, all from North America, you would pay $0.04/GB for the first 10TB and then $0.036/GB for the next 40TB which equals $1,840 in total.

KeyCDN also offers push storage which allows you to upload your content directly to their servers instead of having it stored on your own origin server. The pricing for this is as follows.

Storage Volume $/GB/month
First 250GB $0.47
Next 250GB $0.37
Above 500GB $0.27

KeyCDN Review – In Conclusion

This KeyCDN review should help you get a better understanding of what this CDN provider offers in terms of features and pricing. They do have an impressive list of features and compared to the other CDN providers reviewed, they offer the lowest pricing for a premium CDN service.

Knowing where your visitors are coming from and which features you require in a CDN are two key components you must consider when making a decision regarding your CDN provider. Based on the information highlighted above, KeyCDN offers a full list of features at a competitive price. Therefore, whether you run a small or large scale website, KeyCDN is definitely worth giving a try and may certainly be a good fit for your CDN provider needs.

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