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Company Overview

Incapsula was originally a data security company that operated under the name Imperva. In 2009, they spun out of Imperva and Incapsula was formed. Incapsula offers an array of online security services along with their content delivery network. Currently, their four major product categories include:

  • DDoS Protection (Nameserver protection, Infrastructure protection, etc)
  • Website Security (WAF, Bot mitigation, etc)
  • CDN
  • Load Balancer (Site failover, Health monitoring, etc)

The way Incapsula structures their service offerings and pricing is a little different than that of most CDN providers. This Incapsula review will provide you with more information in regards to what they offer specifically from a content delivery network point of view.


At the time of writing this Incapsula review, the company’s network of PoPs currently consisted of 27 locations across the Americas, Europe & Middle East, as well as Asia and Pacific. The following section show a map of where each PoP is located globally as well as a full list of their exact locations.

incapsula network

Americas Europe & Middle East Asia and Pacific
Atlanta Amsterdam Auckland
Dallas London Sydney
Ashburn Milan Melbourne
Los Angeles Paris Hong Kong
Miami Frankfurt Singapore
New-York Stockholm Tokyo
Chicago Tel Aviv
Seattle Zurich
San Jose Warsaw
São Paulo


Incapsula’s CDN comes with various features you can use to further accelerate your content delivery, provide increased security, etc. However, as mentioned earlier, the way they structure their features / pricing is somewhat different than traditional CDN providers and resembles more the Cloudflare pricing model. The features which are available to customers are very much dependant upon the type of plan you have. That being said, the following is a list of popular CDN features and which ones Incapsula currently provides as well as a few that they don’t.

Feature Supported?
Origin Pull Yes
Instant Purge Yes
Gzip Yes
HTTP/2 Yes
Shared SSL Yes
Origin Shield Yes
Real-time Statistics Yes (Enterprise plan only)
Custom SSL Yes (Extra cost)
DDoS Protection Yes (Enterprise and Business plans only)
Free Support Yes (Varies upon plan type)
Additional Zones Yes (Extra cost depending upon plan type)
Custom Rules Yes (Enterprise plan only)
Origin Push No
Raw Logs No
Secure Token No
Let’s Encrypt SSL No

Incapsula Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Incapsula currently offers 4 different plan types, these include:

  • Free
  • Pro ($59/site/month)
  • Business ($299/site/month)
  • Enterprise (Contact them)

Their free plan allows you to use their CDN for up to 10 sites, however is quite limited in terms of functionality depending upon your needs. Additionally, as soon as you need a feature that isn’t provided in the free plan you are required to upgrade to one of their paid plans. The pricing for these plans are on based on a monthly recurring cost and are charged per site. Therefore if you use the Pro plan on 3 sites you will pay $59 x 3 = $177/month.

If security is a major concern and you want to take advantage of Incapsula’s DDoS protection services, you will need to upgrade to their Business plan. DDoS protection is the only difference between their Pro and Business plan and costs $299/site/month compared to $59/site/month. However, if you require the use of the other services they provide such as load balancing, customized setup, multiple account users, etc you will need to upgrade to their Enterprise plan.

For a complete feature comparison between the four plans that Incapsula offers, visit their pricing page.

Incapsula Review – In Conclusion

In summary, Incapsula’s CDN provides a few important features such as HTTP/2, origin shield, instant purge, and even IPv6. If you run a small website and don’t require many security features, dedicated support, or real-time analytics offered in their paid plans, then giving their free CDN a try is certainly an option.

However, proper due diligence should always be done to see what your website truly requires in terms of features before choosing to go with any CDN provider. In the event that you require DDoS protection, Incapsula’s CDN can also start to get quite expensive especially if you have more than one website.

Hopefully, this Incapsula review has given you more insight into what this CDN provider offers in terms of features and pricing. With this information, you can compare it amongst other CDN providers we’ve reviewed and then make a decision regarding which one best suits your needs.

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