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Company Overview

CDNsun is a content delivery network that has been around since 2012 and is based in the Czech Republic. They have offices in both US and EU locations and given their small size, have focused heavily on expanding their network of PoPs. A few of their most notable clients include:

  • The Wizards
  • Blender Institute
  • Telmax
  • XT Card

This CDNsun review will go over everything from their network to their pricing. Hopefully, by the end of this review, you will have a better understanding of what this CDN provider offers and be able to make a decision regarding whether or not they are the right provider for you.


As mentioned above, CDNsun is still relatively new to the CDN market. However, since their beginning, they have managed to implement 70+ points of presence in their network. They have a strong presence especially in EU however certain servers are so close together that users may not experience a great deal of speed improvement even though there is a server that is closer. It is recommended to first verify where your visitors are coming from and then determine whether a particular CDN provider’s network is a good fit for you.

That being said, CDNsun’s network map and complete list of PoPs are outlined in the screenshots below.

cdn77 network map

cdn77 network list


As with most CDN providers, CDNsun comes with an array of features you can use to further accelerate your content delivery, provide increased security, etc. The comprehensive list below outlines a collection of features that CDNsun offers as well as ones that cost extra and a couple that they currently don’t offer.

Feature Supported?
Origin Pull Yes
Origin Push Yes
Instant Purge Yes
Real-time Statistics Yes
Gzip Yes
HTTP/2 Yes
Shared SSL Yes
DDoS Protection Yes
Secure Token Yes
Free Support Yes 24/7
Raw Logs Yes (Extra Cost)
Custom SSL Yes (Extra cost for custom cloud SSL)
Additional Zones Yes (Depending upon plan type)
Origin Shield No
Let’s Encrypt SSL No
Custom Rules Unknown

CDNsun Pricing

CDNsun’s pricing is based on a Pay as You Go basis. Therefore, there are no monthly commitments and you simply pay for the amount of CDN bandwidth you use. The cost per GB also decreases depending upon the amount of traffic you generate. However, with CDNsun there is no one single price per continent. Rather, the way they have structured their pricing is that the cost varies depending upon which specific PoP location your visitors are accessing. Therefore, although their base price starts at $0.045/GB in many of the US states, the price can go up to $0.159 for other regions such as Dubai or Brisbane.

CDNsun offers 6 different pricing levels which all include the same features, however vary in their price per GB as well as the number of websites you can accelerate.

cdnsun pricing

As shown above, the base price of $0.045 decreases depending upon your minimum monthly traffic volumes. However, to see a full price list of what each PoP location charges per GB of traffic, check out their transparent pricing section. Also note that the number of websites you’re allowed to accelerate with CDNsun do increase with the more bandwidth you use however there is no mention on their website that you can increase solely the number of allowed websites regardless of which plan you use.

CDNsun also allows you to store content directly on their servers. The first 20GB of storage is free and anything over and above costs a monthly fee. Their storage pricing is as follows.

cdnsun storage pricing

CDNsun Review – In Conclusion

Overall, CDNsun has a fairly large network for being a relatively new competitor in the CDN market. They do also support many important features such as HTTP/2, real-time stats, origin push / pull, etc. Although, it is important to note that some of their features cost extra and if you want to add more zones to your account then you will be required to produce more traffic (minimum 2TB per month).

It should also be noted that if you have visitors from around the globe then you will be paying vastly different prices per GB of traffic. As mentioned in the pricing section, CDNsun’s pricing is based on the server location and can vary quite a bit from the base price of $0.045. Of course, if you are generating more traffic, you will benefit from reduced volume pricing however certain regions will continue to be considerably more expensive than US PoP server locations for example.

Hopefully, this CDNsun review has helped you in making a decision regarding whether or not CDNsun is the right CDN choice for you. Remember to be aware of where your visitors are coming from geographically before choosing a CDN provider in order to ensure that you aren’t charged high prices for bandwidth that you weren’t expecting.

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