One major factor that will likely play a role in deciding which CDN provider you choose is price. Each CDN provider has a different pricing scheme and therefore it can get to be a little cumbersome having to find the price of each provider’s service individually. The table below shows an overview of the CDN providers that have been reviewed here at CDN Reviews and what each one charges for bandwidth.

Many CDN providers also offer features or options that may cost extra, however the following table is a representation of solely each one’s bandwidth pricing (either per GB or on a monthly basis).

CDN Provider Price (lowest to highest) Minimum Payment
KeyCDN  $0.04/GB  $49
CDNSun  $0.045  $45
CDN77  $0.049-$0.185/GB  $99
Cloudfront  $0.085-$0.250/GB
MaxCDN  $0.09 ($9/month)
Azure  $0.09/GB
Fastly  $0.12/GB  $50/month
Cachefly  $0.37/GB  $500/month
CloudFlare  $20/month/domain
Incapsula  $59/month/domain
Akamai  Unknown  Unknown
Bitgravity  Unknown  Unknown

If you like seeing a list of CDN features compared in table form like the one above, check out CDN comparison which gives readers an easy way to visualize the features/costs that each CDN provider does or doesn’t provide.