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Company Overview

Bitgravity was originally founded in 2006 and in 2011 was acquired by Tata Communications – an India-based telecommunications company. The CDN services this company offers focusses heavily on accelerating live and on-demand video, however can accelerate other types of content as well. A few of their most notable customers include:

  • Irish TV
  • Voonik
  • ATN

This CDN provider is not a common choice for small to medium sized websites. They don’t offer an online signup form and require that you schedule a demo with them in order to signup as a customer to their content delivery network. This Bitgravity / Tata Communications review will provide you with more information regarding what this CDN provider offers in terms of their network, features, and pricing.


Since Tata Communications was already in the telecommunications business before acquiring Bitgravity, they already had an established network infrastructure. However, at the time of writing this Bitgravity review, this CDN provider has more than 400 PoP on five continents. They currently also own and operate more than 1 million sq ft of data center space in 44 locations worldwide.

The following is an image showing where their current CDN PoPs are located as well as planned CDN PoPs, data centers, etc.

bitgravity network


Tata communications does not provide much information on their website in regards to what their CDN offers in terms of features. These days, having the option to use various features is very important for many businesses depending upon their web-based needs. The following is a list of popular CDN features and which ones Bitgravity / Tata Communications currently supports, which ones they don’t, and which ones are unknown due to lack of available information.

Feature Supported?
Origin Pull Yes
Secure Token Yes
Shared SSL Yes
Custom SSL Yes
DDoS Protection Yes
Free Support Yes
Gzip Yes
Raw Logs Unknown
Instant Purge Unknown
Real-time Statistics Unknown
API Unknown
Origin Shield Unknown
Additional Zones Unknown
Custom Rules Unknown
Origin Push No
Let’s Encrypt SSL No

Bitgravity Pricing

Unfortunately, Bitgravity and Tata Communications offer no pricing information directly on their website. You are required to contact one of their sales representatives in order to receive pricing information regarding their CDN service. This makes it hard to compare Bitgravity’s CDN pricing against other CDN providers and may deter some users from even considering them if they are required to contact a representative for basic pricing information.

Bitgravity Review – In Conclusion

Hopefully, this Bitgravity / Tata Communications review has given you a bit more insight into what the CDN provider has to offer. They are rather different than other CDN providers reviewed as they do not disclose much information in terms of pricing as well as features.

Therefore, if you’re thinking about trying this CDN provider you will need to contact a sales representative and gather more information. After contacting a sales rep (if you so choose), you should be able to make a confident decision regarding whether or not Bitgravity / Tata Communications is the right CDN provider for you. For reviews that contain detailed pricing and features information, check out our other CDN reviews section.

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